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News: Re-Impact blades for 2013

Re-impact has announced 3 new developments in their blades, all based on the latest Dream blade technology, namely the Smart, the Swift series, and Dr Barath 224. These are already available via special order direct from Re-impact (Germany) or from OOAK Shop (Australia).

From Achim (owner or Re-impact):

The development of the new blades has been completed and they likely will be released online in June 2013 at, but these blades can also be ordered as a special model of the existing Dream (indicating the requested special type in the order) as these new blades are, until their official release, available at the introduction price of the Dream. Upon their release the basic price of these blades will probably be raised by around 30 euros, as building them is very time-consuming. You can also order at Luna & Alex (OOAK Shop Australia). Delivery time (building and postal delivery) to Australia is about 6 weeks at the moment (postal delivery alone sometimes has been 1 month recently)…

Which blade suits which style:

1. Smart => suits conventional styles with low-catapult blades for long arm movement (long dwell-time) and ball-contact in the descending phase, combined with a slow backhand used with a lot of touch. Technical data: Smart small blade (= not oversized) 60-65 gr, combination blade FH T=9, BH T=5, rigidity=65%, thickness=11.8 mm, spin = over 240%, control = 25.

Note: T is tempo/speed, FH=forehand, BH=backhand

2. Swift => suits dynamic as well as conventional styles, for players who have mastered both and demand a catapult on the FH side they can adjust at will, combined with a BH with low catapult and slow speed. Swift is available in:

Swift 2 All (A2S4, thickness 11.2 mm). Technical data: small blade (= not oversized) 60-65 gr, combination blade FH speed (T)=7, BH T=3, rigidity=65%, thickness=11.2 mm, spin=over 240%, control=30

Swift 3 All/Off => thickness = 11.2 mm, small blade (not oversized) weighs 65-70 gr, combination blade FH T= 9, BH T= 3, rigidity=70 % spin=over 240 % , controll=25

Swift 6 Speed => thickness=17.2 mm, small blade (not oversized) weighs 60-70 gr, combination blade FH T=12 BH T=5, rigidity=75 %, spin=over 240 %, controll=25

3. Dr Barath => The Dr.Barath All (224) is dynamic in FH and BH, with medium catapult. The blade suits all technical levels but is especially well suited to top-players who have mastered both conventional and dynamic play. Technical data: small blade (not oversized) weighs 60-65 gr, combination blade FH T=8 BH T=3-5, rigidity=65-70%, thickness=13,2 mm, spin=over 240%, control=40

These new Dream combination blades automatically control the speed on the backhand side when used for chopping and blocking. With other types of ball-contact the Smart has a general speed of at least T=7+, Swift 24 at least T=7, Swift 3 at least T=9, Swift 6 at least T=8+ and Barath 224 at least T=7+. Additionally, the Barath can be played in reverse (=twiddled), which makes it a 422 blade [note: the numbers 2 and 4 indicate plies. K.] with a much faster 2nd level of play. Ball-control is even with control=20 still amazingly good. Serving you should use the 2nd level of play, as this more direct type of play enables placing the ball very short.

Special features

All Dream combi blades offer an excellent low throw (flat curve for the ball’s trajectory). They merely differ as to their respective catapult level. Dream and Smart are completely without catapult when used for chops and passive blocks. Smart reacts with catapult only in the FH, not in the BH. And Barath 224 or (reversed) 422 offer completely controlled catapult on both sides.


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