This site was created to provide information for the English-speaking table tennis community, about the highly specialised Re-Impact table tennis blades.

Contribution to this site come from Achim (owner of Re-Impact Germany), Alex (part of OOAK Table Tennis Shop and OOAK Forum Member) and Kees (friend and OOAK Forum Member) and other members of the OOAK Table Tennis Forum.


Re-Impact is the German-based inventor and manufacturers of the Re-impact blades. Re-Impact also runs a shop that sells their blades directly.




OOAK Table Tennis Shop is the Australian distributor for Re-Impact blades. OOAK stocks a variety of Re-Impact blades, as well as a wide range of suitable rubbers, and can also ship worldwide.




OOAK Table Tennis Forum is one of the biggest table tennis forums on the internet, and is well known for their friendly atmosphere, and high level of knowledge in equipment, techniques and table tennis rules. They discuss not only the conventional styles of play and equipment, but also focus on the less discussed ones like pimples, anti-spin, hardbat, pengrip and unique blades such as those from Re-Impact, as information and advice on these topics can be very hard to find.