Introducing Re-Impact

Re-Impact (aka Rendler) is a specialist table tennis blade designer and manufacturer based in Germany.

The brains and craftsmen behind the company are brothers Achim and Eugen Rendler (Eugen unfortunately passed away in 2009) who’s expertise is well known in Germany, and by other manufacturers.

This site attempts to explain some of the unique (and patented) technologies used in the Re-Impact blades, as well as provide an overview of all their blades, as well their suitability to certain styles, and the recommended rubbers.


The Re-Impact Technology section provides a comprehensive description of the technology and inventions that are a key part of all Re-Impact blades.

The Blade Comparison section provides an overview of the different types of Re-Impact blades, and a detailed table that categorises them according to suitable styles, as well as blade ratings and suitable rubber suggestions.

The Blades section provides details on every specific Re-Impact blade, the style they’re most suitable for, the best choice of rubbers, and close-up pictures of the blade.

The FAQs page provides a growing list of the questions commonly asked about the Re-Impact blades, as well as detailed answers.

The About Us page lists the authors and sites that have contributed to this information website.


So if you have questions, such as:

  • What can I expect to gain out of a Re-Impact blade?
  • How (and why) do Re-Impact blades differ from all other blades?
  • Do they have a blade suitable for my style?
  • What rubbers are suitable for my Re-Impact blade?

Hopefully you’ll find all the answers here, plus much more!